please call in on every Sunday, while we endure the world wide pandemic. 

During the call we may briefly discus the current situation regarding the pandemic and how you may be felling, or thinking. 

Above ALL we will pray and ask the Lord Jesus, to send us his promised Holy Spirit, to counsel us, comfort us, help us, teach us, and reveal to us the Truth! 

That we may not panic and worry. 

We have started a free, prayer conference call number that you may call on Sundays at 3:08 pm. EST. 

This is the phone number and the instructions: 

Call this direct number. You do not need a code: 

(425) 535-9535

1. When you call and hear the prompt or the operator, please just announce you first name, or just simply say hello. 

2. If some one is already, praying or talking, just wait until they pause. 

3. Also if it is possible to mute your phone, and just listen if another person is praying or talking at that time. That will minimize any back ground noise, that we may be able to hear the person praying or talking at that time. 

Thank you for taking the time to call. And thank you for calling. 

I pray that we will pray together. 

As we ask the Promised Holy Spirit to Help Us!!! 


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